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Technically Specified Rubber
Field Coagulum 122.00

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At Ideal Crumb Rubber Factory, consistency of the quality is our watchword. We are committed to provide excellent quality of Technically Specified Natural Rubber. We achieve this through our exhaustive quality assurance methods. With a commitment to the philosophy of continuous improvement and demonstration of skills required to manage all quality activities, our dedicated team is ever vigilant to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology is followed for strict and ceaseless quality improvement. Quality checks begin with raw material procurement and follow right up to finished products, ensuring the best.


Our sophisticated laboratory is equipped with modern electronic testing equipments including Wallace Plastimeter, MRPRA Ageing oven etc. A series of tests are carried out as per BIS/ASTM standards. The testing is carried out as per well structured sampling plan. Portions of the finished products are cut from diametrically opposite corners of every 10th bale and tested in the lab to determine the quality parameters. These samples undergo the following six main tests and visual examination:

P0 (Initial Plasticity), PRI (Plasticity Retention Index), Dirt content, Volatile Matter, Ash content, Nitrogen content.

The test procedures followed is as specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


Ideal Crumb Rubber Factory is an accredited ISO 9001: 2015 unit, maintaining International Standard in all its sphere of activities.


Widely used fossil fuels, for drying process of Rubber, have been successfully replaced by producer gas generated by installing of a Bio-Mass Gasifier designed and developed by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The advantage of the Bio-Mass Gasifier is its cost effectiveness as well as low emission of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.

The effluent water from the processing Plant is treated in the Effluent Treatment Plant and reused for agricultural purposes as per directions issued by the Kerala State Pollution control Board.


We, Ideal Crumb Rubber Factory are committed to provide high quality Technically Specified Rubber through our exhaustive quality assurance methods, philosophy of continuous improvement and demonstration of the skills required to manage all quality activities with our dedicated team, to ensure customer satisfaction.