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Technically Specified Rubber
Field Coagulum 122.00

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We process natural rubber conforming to ISNR 10 and ISNR 20 equivalent to International Standards. Major tyre manufacturing Companies in India, abroad and Companies producing other rubberized goods regularly are depended on us for their raw material requirements.

The benefits of using Block Rubber are its easy processibility, consistency in quality, better mastication property, etc.

BLOCK RUBBER (ISNR 10 & 20) also known as TSR, is suitable for manufacturing of Tyres, Tubes, Flaps, Automobile Rubber Parts, Hose Pipes, Rubber Sheets, Mats, Conveyor Belts, Rubber Stable Mat, Footwear, Moulded articles, Rubber Tiles, etc.


Field coagulum (FC) is the raw material used at Ideal Crumb Rubber Factory for producing Technically Specified Natural Rubber. Field Coagulum; which consists of cup lump, white shell and tree lace, is collected from licensed Rubber dealers and Planters.

The raw material received in the Factory is closely inspected, as it may contain contaminants and impurities. Trained workers separates visible impurities including HDPE threads, earth scrap, skim rubber, black shell and oxidized rubber. This carefully sorted FC, free from contaminants, is mixed well in a soaking tank for 8-12 hours (depending on the material) for making the rubber easily processable and also to remove settelable impurities. In the pre-cleaning stage, it passes through two Pre-Breakers and one Hammer Mill. This enables the particle’s size reduction and cleaning. It is again washed in circular tanks with mechanical agitators to attain proper blending. With each wash, dirt is washed off and homogeneity is achieved. In the Creeping & Blanketing stage, the raw material size is further reduced as it is passed through five Creepers set in tandem and then goes through a Shredder for final size reduction. Here the rubber takes shape of granules of 4 mm to 6 mm size. The granules are washed, separated from water and dried at a temperature in the range 100 to 105 degree centigrade in a tunnel Drier. The material emerging from the dry end of the drier is cooled below 50 degree centigrade and pressed to form bales of 25 kgs and packed in LDPE covers after completing inspections as per procedures. Sample from two diametrically opposite corners of every 10th bale is cut and taken for analysis as per BIS standards.



Characteristic INSR 10 INSR 20
Dirt Content % by Mass, Max. 0.10 % 0.20 %
Volatile Matter % by Mass, Max. 0.80 % 0.80 %
Ash - % Mass, Max. 0.75 % 1.00 %
Nitrogen - % Mass, Max. 0.60 % 0.60 %
Initial Plasticity, Min. 30 30
Plasticity retention Index, (PRI) Min. 50 40